New ways to support creativity

Collaboration can unlock new realms of creativity and help us achieve things we never thought possible -- but it can also be difficult, overwhelming, or downright frustrating. Working with Zazzle Inc, our team is envisioning new ways to support creativity and collaboration among users in product customization.

01 Problem Space

Exploring new ways to support creative collaboration

Zazzle is an online marketplace specializing in customizable goods. Zazzle customers can create their own products using templates and digital images made by Zazzle’s talented community of designers.

As the company looks to expand its offerings into new products and services, our team was tasked with exploring new ways to support collaboration among users -- between customers and designers, or customers and fellow customers, for example.


Connecting users, unleashing creativity

Our goal is to help users unleash their creativity through various modes of collaboration. We’re exploring new and innovative ways connect different members of the Zazzle community -- both users and designers alike -- to lower barriers to creativity, inspire new ideas, and boost feelings of engagement.

  • Lower Barriers

    Inspire users to feel confident in their creative abilities.

  • Inspire New Ideas

    Help users have more ideas and better outcomes by working together.

  • Boost Engagement

    Give users a reason to come to the platform, stay longer, and return often.


Designing the future, sprint by sprint

With millions of monthly visitors and plans to expand their services in the near future, our client was searching for a solution that could bridge the gap between Zazzle’s current offerings and their vision for the platform’s future.

The project would be conducted as a series of 10 sprints over the course of 8 months, beginning with a research phase and culminating in a high-fidelity prototype of our proposed solution.

In the research phase, our team’s activities have focused on exploration of the problem space, including how and why users engage in various modes of collaboration, and user’s experiences with the creative process. In the design phase, our focus will shift into rapid and iterative prototyping process. The project will conclude with final, hi-fidelity design prototype and a plan for integrating with the existing Zazzle platform.